I had been having problems sleeping for over 3 years, and become addicted to prescription sleeping tablets. I thought I would give accupuncture a try after having tried various other treatments in the past, with no sucess. I was unsure whether it would help, but after just 2 sessions I could already feel the difference and was able to cut down on my sleeping tablets. After 6 sessions, I no longer needed to take sleeping tablets, and my insomnia has been completely cured. I am delighted with the results of the accupuncture, and I am now much happier as I am not tired all the time, and do not have to reply on sleeping tablets. I would urge anyone thinking about accupuncture to give it a try as it can help many problems, and I will certainly recommend Kulvir to friends and family who may need accpuncture in the future.

Regards Michelle


"I have received acupuncture facial lifts and micro needle scar facial treatment from Kulvir. With very oily skin and many scars from years of suffering from acne, Kulvir has done wonders with my complexion and in turn my confidence. My skin feels much tighter and glows following treatments and my skin tone is much smoother. My family have noticed a big difference and my confidence has grown so much."

Christina, Ipswich, July 28 2014

"Due to Kulvir’s treatments I have no more tension in my neck and my knee is stronger too, with the bonus of an hour of relaxing to myself, she is just wonderful- Thank you."

Marilyn , Ipswich, July 28 2014

"I suffered for years with acute pain and immobility due to osteoarthritis, but thanks to Kulvir and her treatments I am now pain free and have much more mobility."

Sandi, Ipswich, July 28 2014

"I came to see Kulvir for acupuncture after years of having migraines and daily headaches. Having tried many other medical and holistic treatments I thought I would give acupuncture a go. Through my treatments we have worked on specific stress and blockages which has made a huge difference to the frequency and severity of my headaches and I can manage them better now."

Sian , Framlingham, July 28 2014

"Family members recommended Kulvir to me when I was suffering with abnormal foot pain and swelling. I was struggling to carry on with my job as it is very physical and was taking time off work as I could not cope with the pain. After just a few sessions with Kulvir my foot improved dramatically. As an additional bonus I also found the treatments to be incredibly relaxing and enjoyed the feeling of tranquillity after the acupuncture needles had been inserted. I would recommend Kulvir to others who are suffering with any physical or emotional pain that perhaps the medical profession have been unable to help with. It was fantastic to have my issue treated without the need for any medication."

Craig , Manningtree, July 28 2014

"Kulvir has changed my life, I can’t recommend her treatments highly enough. Kulvir was recommended to me after I had been hospitalised with severe adhesion pains. Other than further surgery which can lead to more adhesions there is no real medical cure to help deal with this problem. After leaving hospital my pains were becoming so frequent I wondered how I could cope with them. I didn’t hold out any hope at all for acupuncture but felt I had nothing to lose. I can honestly say that after just one session I have never experienced any adhesion pains since. I could not believe the results. Since having regular acupuncture treatments with Kulvir for over two years now I have never been in better health. I have more energy, sleep better and rarely pick up the colds and viruses that I used to be prone too, I know my immune system is now a lot stronger. I have since recommended Kulvir to other family and friends who have all in turn been helped dramatically by her treatments. I tell as many people as I can about her as I really swear by the results. I don’t know what my life would be like now if she hadn’t helped me with my severe pains."

Hayley, July 09 2014