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Welcome to the world of Yoga

In the western hemisphere yoga has become a very popular form of physical exercise, and it is easy to think that yoga is only about twisting and stretching the body, breathing practices and a little chanting here and there. However these are simply tools to assist us on our path to still the mind and create a feeling of peace and harmony within.

It is a discipline and form of exercise that appeals to many different kinds of people because in our fast paced stressful world it offers an accessible and enjoyable means of escape to personal serenity, balance and contentment. 

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The word Yoga means unity or oneness in other words a feeling of being part of something. Yoga is one of the original concepts which today would be labelled as holistic. That means the body is related to the breath; both are related to the brain; in turn this links with the mind which is part of the conciousness. The spelling of holistic, too is a reminder that the word 'whole' is derived from holy and therefore you can not be a 'whole' person unless you have a 'whole' outlook on life itself. 

Today. thousands of doctors who know little or nothing about Yoga nethertheless recommend that patients go to Yoga classes to help them overcome a variety of stress related problems. As more resarch is carried out so the value of Yoga becomes clearer. The importance of being able to let go and relax in a world with increasing stress factors has become more and more obvious.       

Relaxation, a sense of inner peace, contentment and physical fitness. All of these and many more are the wonderful benefits of Yoga.

Medical research showing the value of Yoga relaxation techniques in reversing long-held symptoms of high blood pressure, has added a new dimension to the approach of Yoga. In recent years, doctors have demonstrated that a yoga-orientated programme, involving a change in lifestyle, can actually reverse symptoms of heart disease within 12 months.

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