Better Than Botox???

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Cosmetic acupuncture as a serious healthy alternative to  Botox

More and more men and women are looking to keep their lines and wrinkles at bay, without resorting to going under the knife. But why choose acupuncture over BOTOX®?


Also known as botulinum toxin type A, BOTOX® has been approved for cosmetic use since 2002. When it's injected into the face, it literally paralyses the muscles. This is due to the prevention of a chemical called acetylcholine being released from the nerves. BOTOX® is effective in reducing the wrinkles but, unlike acupuncture, often causes a lack of movement in the face.

It costs around  £100 - £300 for the treatment of only one area and generally lasts around 3-4 months. BOTOX® carries a large number of possible problematic side-effects and this information is readily available on the manufacturer's website.

Cosmetic acupuncture, in contrast, will require a course of treatment to show pronounced results. However, the whole face is treated and ear points are also used, a patient's health and wellbeing can be greatly improved by undertaking a series of treatments. My facial patients often report that they feel healthier, sleep better, have brighter eyes and feel more balanced; those are the kind of healthy side effects I like!

The acupuncture points and the way that they are used in my Facial treatment sessions, are specifically designed to achieve wellbeing.

This treatment also works on lifting the face, particularly where the face begins to sag around the 'jowls' and the cheek area, rather than simply targeting wrinkles.

Many people are looking for an alternative, natural, anti-ageing treatment to BOTOX® and cosmetic acupuncture is perfectly placed to offer a much wider range of benefits both anti-ageing and overall wellbeing.


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